Student Stories from Burns Consolidated School: MS

Esther Virginia Pitts nee Hodge has done what I could not do: created a web site for Burns Consolidated School of Mississippi. The purpose of the website is to provide a venue for correspondence between students of this school, members of the Burns community in Mississippi, and all others who have an interest in either the school or the community.

After reconnecting with my former classmates at a class reunion in 2009, I correspond with several and talk with other via phone. The “catching up” we’ve done has included many, many instances when one of us would ask the other, “Do you remember … ” This question makes me want to write down and publish for posterity the stories told to me by individuals who are either affiliated with my school or has an interest in it or the Burns community in Mississippi.

The rules I’ll follow are these: I will write and publish only stories told to me or those that I was involved in personally; I will not publish the name of any student who requests to remain anonymous.

I will be delighted if anyone with an interest will contact me either through the comment section on this page or via e-mail at his address:


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